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Removing food sources for all roach species helps hinder their population growth. They can carry diseases, and in many cases, be the trigger for allergic and asthmatic respiratory health issues. Prevent roaches from coming into your home by keeping a clean environment, and check items before bringing them inside.

Our number one complaint of the roach family is German roaches. They invade homes by the way of cardboard boxes, drink cartons, grocery bags, and infested furniture or appliances. They forage on pet food, toothpaste, soap, glue and human food. They are night time feeders remaining hidden during the day behind cabinets, walls, and warm places that have a motor or warm air area. Once an area gets over populated, the roaches start to spread out from their harboring area and can even been seen during the day. The presence of German roaches during the day represents a high population in the area.

Reducing clutter and cleaning and removing all food sources will greatly remove and hinder the spread and population of the German roach.

An inspection and proper application will eliminate these invaders.

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